4 Reasons You Should Move to Tellico Village, Loudon Tennessee

by | Jul 16, 2021

The choice to live in Tellico Village is a big, yet excellent decision. And, to make the process easier for you and your partner, here are four compelling answers to your question, “Why should I move to Tellico Village, Loudon, Tennessee?”

1. You Want to Get Away From Chaotic City Life 

Say goodbye to the chaotic city life. Tellico Village is your dream retirement place and one of the best 55 and older communities in Tennessee – peaceful, quiet, relaxing, but still accessible enough to visit commercial and retail establishments. In fact, it is just a 20-minute drive from the village! 

The entire Tellico village sprawls 4,800 acres, 3,200 acres of which is left untouched for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors and marvel at the picturesque beauty of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.

2. You Want An Abundance of Exciting Activities 

From scenic hiking trails to three championship golf courses, you’ll never run out of things to do in Tellico Village

Since Tellico Village is situated along Tellico Lake, there are also boating and water sports activities like kayaking. And if you own a boat (or plan to have one), the village has three well-secured marinas. 

3. You Want to Experience Pleasant Weather All-Year Round 

In Tellico Village, no more smoldering and humid summer and severely cold winter with more than ten inches of snowfall. The surrounding lush, scenic landscape, and the calm waters of Tellico Lake offer the best climate for pleasant and moderate weather all year round.  

During summer, you can enjoy a cool and fresh breeze, an abundance of shade, and a pleasant daily average temperature of 80°F. This gives you an opportunity to hike, golf, and enjoy other outdoor activities within the village. 

How about winter? You’ll only have to tackle less than six-inch of snowfall and temperature not below 45°. And yes, you could still go out of your home and enjoy the outdoors! There’s a lot to love when you live in Tellico Village

4. The Real Estate Market is Strong

From single-family houses to gorgeous villas, you can quickly find the right retirement home in Tellico Village. And, the best part? You get to work with Tellico’s finest real estate team, Rick and Kati Smenner of the TellicoLakeHomeTeam.com.  Most homes for sale in Tellico Village stay on the market for less than 30 days, and prices continue to appreciate year after year.

Should you ever want to build a new home in Tellico Village, we have relationships with many local builders that are more than capable of constructing your dream retirement home. And as the Home Builders Guild claims: “With more than 2,300 buildable lots still available in the Village, constructing a new home is a viable option.”

Ask us about Tellico’s most popular neighborhoods which include: Chatuga Coves, Mialaquo Coves, Toqua Shores, Tommotley Shores, and Toqua Coves.