5 Perfect DIY Projects for Your Lake Home in Tellico Village

by | Aug 20, 2021

Now that you have plenty of time at your disposal and some awesome skills that you want to put into practice, it’s time to vamp up your lake home in Tellico Village with these incredible DIY lake house projects and decor ideas. 

5 DIY Project Ideas You Can Do On Your Lake Home in Tellico Village

DIY Fire Pit with Curved Bench

Having a lake home calls for sitting outside, around the campfire, with your friends and family, especially during summer when the nighttime brings a cool breeze and a clear starry sky. 

So, a curved bench near a fire pitch is just a perfect addition to the exterior of your lake home property in Tellico Village. This will surely add value to your lake house when you put it up for sale

DIY Swinging Bed on a Pallet 

DIY lake house projects are commonly loaded with brilliant ideas for outdoor stuff, just like putting up a swinging bed on a pallet. Admit it, some of the most relaxing moments are those that you spend just outside your lake home in Tellico Village, right? 

So, why not have a swinging bed on a pallet where you can bask in the sun, read a book, take a nap, or watch the sunset while laying and swinging in it? 

Giant DIY Jenga Game 

Take the traditional Jenga game to a whole new level with giant, family-sized Jenga game pieces. If the normal-sized Jenga game is entertaining enough for you, you’ll most probably find the giant Jenga as one of the fantastic games you can play outside your lake home in Tellico Village with your family and friends. 

All you need is some lumber pieces – saw them into equal thick and rectangular sizes, smoothen the edges, apply some wood polish if you want, and voila, you got your family a giant Jenga!  

DIY Lantern Using Anthropologie Metalwork Hurricane 

Lighting up your lakefront property in Tellico Village is one of the most beautiful DIY lake house projects you might ever do, and what lights can ever be attractive enough on a lake house than lanterns? 

Metalwork hurricane lanterns look stunning indoors and outdoors, but most of them can be painfully expensive. However, you can save a ton of money plus have so much fun if you go do it yourself. 

Anthropologie metalwork hurricane lanterns are such unique pieces of art that can easily catch anyone’s eyes and magically set the entire place’s mood. 

DIY Decor on Stair Rail Using a Thick Sea Rope

What can be more brilliant than adding a charming nautical vibe into your lake home using a thick sea rope as your stair railing? If you ask us, it’s just plain genius! 

All you need is a heavy, weighted, thick sea rope, preferably white, especially if the walls near the stairs are painted white. 

Then use durable silver rings that can handle your sea rope’s weight and mount them on the wall of your stairs, or use a heavy-duty banister railing to hold your sea rope, and it will eventually end beautifully curled up on the floor at the bottom of your stairs. Talk about design and function. 

Do you want to learn more about DIY lake house projects and lake properties in Tellico Village? Check out our blog; you’re in for such a treat! If you want to explore more Tellico village lakefront homes for sale, let’s have a chat; we have excellent deals for you.