4 Ways to Keep Your Tellico Lake Home for Resale in Top Shape

by | Aug 13, 2021

Having a Tellico lake home for resale can be VERY exciting – imagine the satisfying ROI that you’ll get once your ideal buyer pays for your lake house. But that rockstar purchaser might be well in the future, so for now, you have to keep your house the top pick among all other Tellico lake homes for sale. 

Keep Your Tellico Lake Home for Resale in Top Shape 

Invest in Trees or Landscaping 

The first thing that your potential buyers will see is the exterior of your lake home. So, it is best to up your curb appeal by planting trees, adding plants around, and improving your overall landscape. 

This does not only keep your property well-organized and clean, but it also grants you more chances of increasing your home value, especially if several people are already looking for Tellico lake homes for sale by owners. 

By having a beautiful exterior and landscape, you’re setting your Lake Home property for resale in Tellico at such an unfair advantage. 

Prioritize Your Kitchen

As you may have already noticed, lake homes are quite too popular with families, especially big families. And what do these potential buyers need and want in a home? You guessed it, kitchen. A spacious, functional, and beautiful kitchen. 

So, it’s best to prioritize your kitchen renovation – you don’t have to spend a hefty amount. Just perform the fastest and most inexpensive updates on your kitchen, such as installing new cabinets, repainting the space with neutral colors, and adding a fancy stainless steel appliance to set the mood. 

Leave Your Closets and Cabinets Half-Empty

This is probably one of the most effective yet underutilized hacks in ensuring that your Tellico lake home property remains sharp and appealing to potential buyers whenever they visit your house. 

I think no one can argue that storage is something that we can’t get enough of; thereby, buyers are constantly, and perhaps subconsciously, searching for storage spaces. So, they will most likely snoop inside closets and cabinets. 

Make sure that all of your storage spaces are kept tidy and squeaky clean. 

Resist Personalizing Your Lake Home

Adding a personal touch to your lake house might lower your chances of closing the deal, or worse, lose it to other Tellico lake homes for sale. 

See, keeping plenty of personal stuff around will hinder your buyers from imagining themselves living in the house. So, keep your memorabilia collections, family photos, and other personal keepsakes away.  

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of efficient tips in keeping Tellico lake houses that are for sale, buyer-ready. If you want to learn more, we have an arsenal of resources here

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