How to Ace Your First Match at Tansi Golf Course in Tellico Village

by | Sep 22, 2021

Are you playing golf for the first time? Tanasi Golf Course in Tellico Village is an excellent place for beginners.

This Golf Course and Clubhouse offers golf lessons and clinics to teach you everything you need to know about playing this challenging sport.

Tanasi has expert instructors who will coach you through your swing and give you tips on improving your skills.

Now, here are some tips on how you can win your first match at Tanasi Golf Course:

4 Steps to Win Your First Match at Tanasi Golf Course in Tellico Village

1. Observe Your Opponent

Find out the way your opponents play. For example, if they are aggressive, you should take it back to the tee box and play conservatively on approach shots.

Then, make sure that you plan ahead of time before every shot by looking at yardage books that Tanasi has.

2. Learn How to Score

Before you tee off, estimate how many strokes it will take for you to finish the hole.

Then, plan your shots accordingly and ensure there is no overlap between each shot, as this could cost you a penalty stroke or two if you are not careful.

Calculate both distance and direction on approach shots before you take a swing. 

When you are on the green, focus on your strategy for sinking putts. Tanasi has an excellent putting course to help improve this skill.

3. Get Out of Bunkers Quickly

If you are playing golf at Tanasi, the chances are that you will spend quite some time in bunkers or sand traps.

Keep in mind that Tanasi has many bunkers that are strategically placed to make the course more challenging.

To win, you should try your best not to get stuck in these sand traps by learning how to escape quickly and efficiently.

The Tanasi Golf Course Staff will help you with this during their golf lessons.

4. Know Tanasi’s Local Rules and Etiquette

The Tanasi Golf Course in Tellico Village follows the USGA rules, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them.

For example, if you break a rule while playing on Tanasi’s course, your opponent can call it out against you, which means you will have to take a stroke penalty and continue the game from that point.

Also, Tanasi Golf Club follows etiquette rules such as:

  • Please do not walk in another player’s line of sight when they are about to swing.
  • When your opponents hit their shot, do not stand behind it, so you can see where it goes.
  • When you are on Tanasi’s greens, always repair ball marks.
  • If you want to mark your ball’s position, use a coin.

Master these four steps, and best of luck on your first golf match in Tellico Village!

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