10 Incredible Things Tellico Lake Homes Have to Offer

by | Sep 1, 2021

Lake homes are one of the most popular housing options for people looking to live near water. Tellico Village is no exception, with many properties available on the shores of Tellico Lake.

If you’re considering a lake home in this area, take a look at these 10 incredible things that make Tellico lake homes such an attractive option!

10 Things that Tellico Lake Homes Have to Offer for You and Your Family

1. The Variety

There are more than 50 different types of houses in Tellico Village – from luxury waterfront estates to affordable starter Tellico lake homes for sale. No matter what your price range or desired style, there’s something perfect for you in the village!

2. The Amenities

It’s no secret that Tellico Village is a very family-friendly place. With bike paths, playgrounds, and central parks, as well as the close proximity to amazing water views, there are plenty of amenities for kids in this area!

3. The Views

Another great thing about living on the lake? You get some pretty incredible views. You can enjoy the sunrise from your breakfast table or pack a picnic lunch and take advantage of some beautiful sunset views while you work outside on your deck!

4. The Water Sports

Tellico Village is conveniently located near many great water sports opportunities – whether you prefer fishing, boating, kayaking, or more adventurous activities like tubing down the Tellico River or hiking the mountain trails.

5. The Safety of Your Family Members

There’s no question about it; Tellico Lake is known for being an incredibly safe place to live. The low crime rate, the proximity to a hospital and emergency services, as well as many other factors, make it an ideal place for families.

6. The Weather

If you’re looking for somewhere with temperate year-round weather – Tellico Village is just what you need! The village offers residents warm summers and mild winters that are perfect for those who can’t decide between the two!

7. The Access to Amenities

It’s not just about what Tellico Village has – it’s also about what you get when living in this tiny little village. Whether you’re looking for a grocery store, gas station, or pharmacy, many options are available within walking distance of your home here.

8. The Peace and Quiet

Tellico Village is often thought of as a quieter place to live – and it’s true! With many Tellico lake homes situated on the water, there are fewer cars driving by. Plus, you’ll love coming back from work every day with nothing but calm silence around your home.

9. The Community Spirit

Living in Tellico Village means being a part of a close-knit community. Whether you’re looking for assistance with yard work, volunteering at the library, or running into someone you know on your morning jog along one of the village’s many trails – there’s never any shortage of people to meet and get involved in; activities around here!

10. The Outdoors

Outdoor living is something that the people of Tellico Village love to do! Whether you’re grilling on your deck or having a BBQ with friends, living in this area means never being without access to open spaces.

Explore all of the Tellico Lake homes for sale in Tennessee. Thanks to these incredible things that help make living on the lake such a great option!