Top Privileges of Tellico Village Golf Club Members & Property Owners

by | Oct 6, 2021

Owning a property in Tellico Village, TN is one of the best investments you can make. Being a resident in Tellico Village gives you the privilege to be a golf club member in some of the most awesome golf courses in Tennessee.

As one of the Tellico Village Golf Club members, you get to enjoy the following privileges.

Top 5 Privileges That Tellico Village Golf Club Members Enjoy

1. Free Use of State-of-the-Art Amenities

Once you become a property owner at Tellico Village, you are entitled to use the top-notch Tellico clubhouse and all its amenities, including:

2. Access to All Three Championship Golf Courses

The Tellico golf club comprises three world-class 18 hole courses: the Tanasi Golf Course, the Links at Kahite, and the Toqua Golf Course.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert golfer, you will find Tellico’s golf courses challenging yet enjoyable! In fact, Tellico’s golf club is considered to be Tennessee’s best golf club by many publications.

3. Tellico Golf Lessons

One of the most notable features at Tellico Village is their golf lessons led by professional golf coaches commissioned by the golf club. Property owners and golf club members can sign up for golf lessons, covering different skill levels; beginner’s Lessons, intermediate, and advanced.

4. Complimentary Dinner with One Guest When Joining Tellico Golf Club

If you become a property owner at Tellico Village and join the golf club, you will receive a complimentary dinner with one guest.

This is just another incentive that makes Tellico Golf Club membership highly sought after.

If your spouse or significant other enjoys playing golf as much as you do, this benefit is even more generous.

5. Low Green Fees at Tellico’s Three Championship Courses

Property owners in Tellico Village, TN that sign up as golf club members can enjoy low green fees at Tellico Village for three championship courses: Tanasi, Kahite Links, and Toqua. Green fees cover the full 18 holes of golf played by each person who signs up to play in Tellico’s championship golf courses.

Golf club members also get to play nine holes, and the golf course fees will only be charged on a per-hole basis (with no charge for driving range or putting green). In other words, you can save a lot of money by becoming a golf club member at Tellico Village.

With this, it’s easy to see why Tellico Village’s golf membership is popular among golfers. Even so, most want a piece of the community.

Interested in Living in Tellico Village, TN?

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