Fantastic Social Clubs in Rarity Bay Will Chase Your Boredom Away

by | Nov 17, 2021

One of the things that makes a place attractive aside from its natural beauty is how much fun people can have in the area. It makes them want to stay in the location as long as possible. This is what the social clubs in Rarity Bay can do to their residents and guests. There are several social clubs to choose from that offer both indoor and outdoor activities. Homeowners and guests alike can choose according to their hearts’ content.

Fun Social Clubs in Rarity Bay

Horse Club

Experience the fun of riding horses. At White Stables at Rarity Bay, you can learn equestrian skills such as equitation, jumping, eventing, dressage, and western pleasure and trail riding. The horses are of different breeds.

It is also an ideal place for horse owners who would like to give their horses the best care but is hindered by the lack of available time or land to satisfy the horses’ needs. White Stables has a vast land of 40 acres with abundant pasture that would meet the horses’ need for healthy food and ample space. This would ensure that the horses’ health is at optimum conditions.

Aside from the excellent horse care, instruction and training are also provided by their highly skilled and fully employed employees. Advice on horses’ nutrition is given as well. It is also possible for those individuals without their own horses to lease horses provided by White Stables.

Golf Club

Organize that fun and friendly golf competition among your peers. The par-72, 18-hole Rarity Bay splendid golf course is perfect for you to showcase your golf skills. DJ De Victor and Peter Langham designed the golf course. It encompasses 150 acres of beautiful rolling hills. You can enjoy the golf games while being mesmerized by the breathtaking sight of Tellico Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains. Rarity Bay golf is an enjoyable course located in the gated waterfront community, Vonore, TN.

Gardening Club

If you love planting and harvesting fruits, vegetables, and flowers, Rarity Bay Community Garden is best for you. Here, you have an alternative to lease an area and grow your preferred fruits, vegetables, and flowers. At the season’s peak, a weekly Farmer’s Market is hosted by the gardeners and their co-residents. People living in the area are invited to check the market for their vegetables, flowers, and herbs needs. They then donate extra food to Meals on Wheels.

Hiking Club

You and your peers will love Rarity Bay’s riding and hiking trails which are 125 acres. You will be captivated by the spectacular views of Tellico Lake and The Great Smoky Mountains as you traverse the hiking trails. It is possible for the residents to access long hiking trails using any of the two trailhead access points- Turnstone Trail Head and Bluffs.

Dog Club

This is a paradise for all dog lovers. Rarity Bay’s Dog Park is world-class, private, and self-financed. You can take your dog’s leash off in this park. This is a fun and relaxing gathering among dog masters and their respective dogs.

You’ll never get bored with Rarity Bay’s several fun social clubs. Joining one or if possible all of them is a great way to enjoy and socialize with others in the community. Call the credible agents of now to know more about these clubs.