Essentials You Need When Boating on Tellico Lake

by | Jan 12, 2022

Boating on Tellico Lake is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the lake in East Tennessee. The lake itself is one of the most popular boating destinations in the state. 

Just like any adventure, there’s nothing more frustrating than arriving only to discover that you forgot one of your bare essentials. 

Hopefully, this shortlist of necessities will help you remember everything you need. Check out the list below!

6 Things You Need When Boating on Tellico Lake

1. First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit will help soothe those minor scrapes, bruises, and other minor injuries that are bound to happen. It’s a good idea to have a basic first aid kit onboard and in your car, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. 

Ensure your kit is stocked with enough supplies to handle multiple issues, so your trip doesn’t get sidetracked. Check your kit before you pack it and see if any expired items need replacing. 

2. Flashlight

When you are having fun, it is easy to forget to check the time. A flashlight and additional batteries are inexpensive boat accessories that might come in handy at night.

3. Cell Phone

In case of emergency, these communication devices are essential. Bring your phone on the boat, but make sure it’s protected with a waterproof cover to prevent getting wet.

PRO TIP: I learned recently about the iPhone and the convenience of an Apple Watch. Should you not be able to reach your phone in an emergency, your watch can place emergency calls if connected to the phone network.

4. Safety Gear

When sailing, it is crucial to bring safety gear like a life jacket, throwable flotation device, fire extinguisher, visual and sound device. Everyone on board should have a floatation device before setting sail.

5. Food and Clothing

You may never know when you might get stuck out on the lake, so make sure to have snacks and water with you. A change of clothes, some warm clothes, a blanket or two will come in handy. You know the scouting motto; Be Prepared!

6. Cooler

If you are going fishing, you may want to bring a cooler so that your catch stays fresh and just as important for some beverages of your choice.

Final Thoughts

Boating is one of the most popular recreational activities in Tellico Lake. Boating enthusiasts come to the lake for a weekend of boating, fishing, and relaxation from all over East Tennessee.

You can find all sorts of boaters on the lake — jet skiers, pontoon boat pilots, powerboat drivers, kayakers, and sailboats. There are also many spots to stop and explore on your way around the lake.

Are you interested in what else is available at Tellico Lake? Get in touch with our team of local experts today! And if you need help in finding your dream home, check out our services here. Thanks for visiting!