Historical Sites Near Rarity Bay: 5 Must-Visit Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

by | Feb 2, 2022

Are you a history buff with plans on living in one of Tellico Lake’s award-winning lakefront communities? If you are, you’re in luck! There are several historical sites near Rarity Bay that you’ll have fun seeing.

Tennessee has a lot of excellent historical sites to see and a few near Rarity Bay.

5 Must-Visit Historical Sites near Rarity Bay

1. Fort Loudoun State Historic Park 

Built in 1756, Fort Loudoun State Historic Park is the first historical site you should visit in Rarity Bay. Fort Loudoun was one of the first British fortifications built on the western frontier, and you can see artifacts at the Visitor Center/Museum found in excavations before the reconstruction of the Fort in 1979. 

There are also several popular seasonal events in the area. Please click here for a list of scheduled events at Fort Loudoun.

2. Tellico Blockhouse 

It’s be best to give yourself plenty of time to explore Fort Loudon, and don’t miss Tellico Blockhouse while in the area. Once served as an official fortification of the US from 1794-1807, and has a story all its own. You can walk the same paths once walked by Cherokee Native Americans, soldiers, and government officials at this location. 

You’ll also be amazed at the archaeological remains on site that are still intact. They provide a glimpse into the size of the Fort and the range of activities that took place there.

3. Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum allows you to learn about the life of Sequoyah. He is a Cherokee polymath, soldier, silversmith, statesman, and founder of the Cherokee writing system. 

If you have kids, they’ll love visiting this museum because of the interactive games and videos. Plus, admission for them is free! Admission for adults is only $5. Senior citizens and triple-A members receive a discount.

4. Red Clay State Historic Park 

Red Clay State Historic Park is built on the last capital of the Cherokee Nation and comprises 263 acres of narrow valleys once used for cotton and pasture. The park is a modest, tranquil park with a rich Cherokee Native American history. There are also other historic structures to view in the area. 

You can also picnic, play Frisbee or football, or relax in the grass in the flat green spaces.

5. Rocky Mount State Historic Site 

Rocky Mount Historic Site, also known as the Cobb-Massengill House, near Rarity Bay, will take you back in time and immerse you in Tennessee history. The site is 35 acres and includes a flock of Cotswold sheep, a blacksmith shop, and a garden maintained by master gardeners. 

There are costumed interpreters, educators, museum guides, and many volunteers sharing their knowledge on the grounds.

It is not every day that you get to visit or live in a place with such a wealth of historical sites like Rarity Bay. 

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