Historical Landmarks Around Tellico Lake

by | May 17, 2022

If you are a history enthusiast, you’d be interested to visit the many historical landmarks around Tellico Lake. Tellico Lake has majestic lakefront communities with fabulous mountain views and excellent amenities. It’s a fantastic place to live.

If you plan to move into this serene location, here are some exciting historical landmarks you can visit as you immerse yourself in East Tennessee’s rich history.

4 Historical Landmarks Around Tellico Lake

1. Rocky Mount State Historic Site

The Rocky Mount State Historic Site served as the capital of the Southwest Territory in the 18th century. As a result, this site is steeped in Tennessee history and includes, among others, authentic flocks of Cotswold sheep, a blacksmith shop, and beautiful gardens under the expert care of master gardeners. There are guides, interpreters, and educators ready to share their deep knowledge of Tennessee history with you.

2. Tellico Blockhouse

While exploring Fort Loudoun, spare a few minutes and check out Tellico Blockhouse. This historical site was an official US fortification from 1794 through 1807 to limit the entrance of white settlers of European descent into the Cherokee territory. The encroachers needed a written pass from the Blockhouse’s commander before venturing deep into Cherokee land.

Amazingly, this archeological site is pretty much intact. You can walk the same paths by federal agents, soldiers, and the Cherokees and catch a glimpse of archeological artifacts.

3. Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

A visit to the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum is an opportunity to learn more about Sequoyah: the man who created the Cherokee writing system. Sequoyah was also a renowned soldier, silversmith, and polymath. The entrance fee is $5 for adults and free for kids.

Bonus: There are interactive games and videos which make this museum a fantastic place to take your kids.

4. Fort Loudoun State Historic Area

Fort Loudoun State Historic Park was at the heart of the French and Indian War history. The fort was constructed in 1756 and occupied until 1760 which allowed the English to ally themselves with the Cherokee. The alliance protected the English in the Southern frontier as their armies fought off the French and Indian armies in the North.

Enjoy the view of barracks, shops, and artifacts discovered in excavations before the park’s reconstruction in 1979.

Wrap Up

The history of the area around Tellico Lake is rich and varied. If you love historical structures, take an afternoon trip to see some of these historical landmarks around Tellico Lake. Each of these stops will take you back to an important period in Tennessee History.

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