Are You Considering Moving to Rarity Bay?

by | Jun 28, 2022

The Smoky Mountains and the Tellico Shores surround Rarity Bay. It’s a beautiful place to live and play. Read on to learn why you should consider moving to Rarity Bay if you are looking for an ideal location, a beautiful home surrounded by beautiful scenery. What could be better?

5 Reasons to Consider Moving to Rarity Bay

1. Everything Feels Close-by

Rarity Bay’s location is ideal for traveling to major US cities in less than a day’s drive. McGhee Tyson Airport is only 35 minutes away, so traveling by air domestically or internationally is easy. This makes getting around so much easier!

2. Experience the Beauty of Nature

Rarity Bay, located in the Smoky Mountains’ foothills and on Tellico Lake’s shores, is the epitome of nature at its finest. The lush greenery, forests, streams, waterfalls, beautiful wildlife, gleaming water of the lake and river, not to mention fields of wildflowers blooming in spring, is a sight to behold.

3. Access to Education and Healthcare

We all need access to educational opportunities and healthcare facilities for a strong community, and Rarity Bay provides both. Being so close to Knoxville, you or your kids can attend the best universities and community colleges, such as Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Roane State Community College, and the University of Tennessee. 

The primary schools in the area are exemplary and prepare their students for the future. The area’s medical facilities are well-known for providing excellent care.

4. Easy Access to Dine-In and Shopping

There are some excellent restaurants in Rarity Bay. Whether you want authentic American cuisine or something with an international twist, you will undoubtedly find the perfect place to satisfy your taste buds. Turkey Creek, which is nearby, is a popular shopping destination. You can quickly go shopping at the market square near downtown.

5. Lots of Fun Things to Do

Rarity Bay is more than just a place to live; as a resident, you can participate in various outdoor activities and meet new people. Because you are close to a lake, you can enjoy boating, fishing, and other exciting water activities. Also, why miss the chance to hike through the surrounding woods? Join a community club to participate in gardening, sports, and other activities. 

Dog owners would be delighted to learn that Rarity Bay has a particular dog park for pet owners. Click here to learn about all the activities that make Rarity Bay a fantastic community.

Considering all these fantastic amenities and fun, your decision to move to Rarity Bay is perfect. You will never be bored here with nature; the modern facilities and amazing neighbors will always be there to accompany you.

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