What Tellico Village Volunteers Do

by | Jun 7, 2022

Volunteering is an excellent way to contribute to your community. Continue reading to find out what Tellico Village volunteers do to support a cause, meet like-minded people, share talent, and experience the joy of helping others. Tellico Village is an excellent opportunity for everyone, whether you want to volunteer or need help from a volunteer.

6 Top Things Tellico Village Volunteers Do


STAYinTV is part of a national movement to assist seniors in living an easier life in the community and aging in place with dignity. Home Maintenance, Groceries & Errands, Respite Care for Caregivers (RCCP), and Care Calls are among the current programs. To donate, click here.


TVVFD stands for Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department and they work around the clock and is always ready for any emergency with a team of 36 trained village volunteers. Additionally, these volunteers work without pay, and their satisfaction comes solely from helping others in the community. To make donations, click here.

3. Litter Angels

Tellico Parkway is one of the most super clean highways in Loudon County. Why shouldn’t it be? The Litter Angels constantly clean up the road to keep debris or unwanted garbage at bay. So, as a Tellico Village resident, be proud of your neighborhood’s cleanliness! Check out this news to know how they return to serve the community after COVID!


T-BART is an acronym that stands for Tellico Boaters Assistance Response Team. These trained volunteers aim to help stranded boaters at no cost. So, if you are stuck on Tellico Lake and require assistance, the volunteers will be there to assist you with your boat. Additionally, they are always willing to help new boaters.


CASA is an acronym that stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. The dedicated CASA volunteers work for children because they believe every child has the right to be safe and treated with dignity and deserves a loving family. In addition, they deal in juvenile court to protect abused and neglected children. You can also be a volunteer here with pre-service training. For donation, click here.

6. Smoky Mountain Service Dogs

Smoky Mountain Service Dogs’ mission is to help wounded veterans by providing service dogs. They are always looking for volunteers who can commit to working as a puppy raiser, respite foster, or in other capacities. So, if you enjoy working with animals, this is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. Click here for more info.

Tellico Village Volunteers are passionate about keeping the community healthy and growing so if you would like to know more about such volunteering opportunities, click here.

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