Get Involved with Tellico Village Clubs and Organizations

by | Jul 21, 2022

The Tellico Village community understands the importance of creating a happy and healthy life for its residents. So, the Tellico Village community has a variety of clubs and organizations to keep adults active and connected with their passions and like-minded neighbors. Join some fantastic Tellico Lake clubs and organizations. Continue reading to find out everything.

List of Tellico Village Clubs and Organizations As Per Your Interest

1. Newcomers in Tellico Village

By joining clubs such as The New Villagers Club and New Villagers golf. new residents can quickly meet others in the community.

Additionally, attending various events and participating in the activities provided by clubs can be a fantastic way to spend time with people who share similar interests.

2. Age Does Not Matter in Tellico Village

Tellico Village Solo Club provides a bridge for singles to meet new people. Check out this article, Solo Club celebrates singleness,” to find out more! Also, the STAYinTV is a project dedicated to providing home maintenance, rides, groceries & errands, Respite Care for Caregivers (RCCP), and Care Calls to help locals age with dignity.

RSD/CRPS Friends and Caregivers Support Group of East TN 

3. For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Participate in a variety of activities with other community members in these clubs:

With all these clubs to choose from, you’ll never get bored unless you’d like to be bored!

4. For Golf Lovers

Allow your love of golf to take you to the thrills in beautiful Tellico.

5. For The Lovers of Wheels

Allow your wheels to spin with these clubs:

  • Village Vettes Corvette Club is for Corvette lovers who can be members of the club to enjoy day and night trips every year.
  • Tellico Roadrunner RV Club is for RV fans who like traveling, camping, and other fun activities.
  • Tellico Riders Motorcycle Club. Check out an article on the members here.

6. For Creative Enthusiasts

Let your imagination run wild with these clubs:

For Pet Lovers

Allow your four-legged friends to live a healthy life by providing caring hands:

Groups Contributing for a Greater Cause

There are numerous other Tellico Lake clubs and organizations in which you can participate to contribute and have fun. For instance, nature lovers can visit the Tennessee Bluebird Society, while dance enthusiasts can see Footloose in Tellico. Also, game enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that you can play various games such as Bunco, Hand & Goot, Poker, and many others. You can learn more about other organizations and clubs by visiting the Tellico Directory.

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