4 Ways to Keep Your Lakefront Home Secure 

by | Aug 25, 2022

Having a lake home is an ideal way to live. It provides you with amazing views. You can swim and fish, go boating, and even do outdoor picnics on the water with your family and friends. But what can you do to you keep your home safe for all the times you’re not home? Protecting your house from intruders, wildlife, and weather is vital. Following these suggestions will help keep your lakefront home secure.

How To Keep Your Lakefront Home Secure

Be Always Prepared

It is always important to prepare yourself in case of unexpected events. When leaving the house, ensure your electronic appliances are unplugged from the power to prevent electrical fires. Keep valuables safely locked up where burglars won’t find them. Install deadbolt locks, which can help prevent break-ins. Also recommended are House alarms, which help alert you if there is a break-in.

Pest Control and Precaution

Pests can be troublesome, especially when the wilderness surrounds your home space. Try filling up holes and small wall gaps to prevent mice, squirrels, and other rodents from invading your home. Keep your food sealed tight inside locked cabinets and the refrigerator. Be also mindful of the trashcans and bins in your backyard, as they might attract scavengers like raccoons and stray cats. Know your trash pick-up schedule or secure the bins with safety locks if it’s not pick-up time.

Maintain A Presence

Friends and neighbors you trust are another great way to secure your house while away. You can ask a friend to watch over your home or ask one of your neighbors to check in occasionally. If your friends and neighbors aren’t available, you can keep some lights on or have timers set to turn on the lights so it looks like someone is home.  

Avoid Sharing Too Much

Another important note is to avoid revealing too much information on social media. Consider what you wrote before posting it. An innocent post of your departure might attract the attention of opportunistic burglars. More importantly, be sure to keep your home address confidential in the public spaces of social media.

Keeping your home secured and safe from unwanted intruders and natural disasters is essential. After all, prevention is always better than repair. Consider these home security and maintenance suggestions to keep your beautiful lake home safe and secure.

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