Pros and Cons of Boat Slip Rentals in Tellico Lake, TN

by | Oct 4, 2022

Owning a boat doesn’t just end with you heading home after a lovely day on the lake. Boats are like any other significant investment, and they all take effort and time to care for properly. Some boat owners take their boats with them in boat trailers. Others rent boat slips, a space in the marina where they park their boats. Tellico Lake has a few boat rental services that utilize boat slips, giving the residents access to vessels when they couldn’t afford one. But boat slips rentals in Tellico Lake have pros and cons, something you must keep in mind when investing in a boat slip.

Guide to Boat Slip Rentals in Tellico Lake

Pros of Boat Slips

The most significant benefit of having a boat slip, especially if it’s a wet boat slip, is the convenience of driving up to the marina, parking your car, and hopping onto your boat to get ready to cruise the lake. Such ease of access is absent from boat trailers which take more time to dock your boat into the water. Boat slips also have amenities you can acquire at your local marina. Be sure to ask your local marina about the amenities they can provide.

Cons of Boat Slips

Boat slip rentals are rentals and thus will cost you some money. Maintaining a boat is already costly, and boat slip fees are another added expense. Such fees can affect something like your fuel budget, which may limit the range of where you’re able to cruise once leaving the slip. Choosing a rental close to your favorite fishing spot is best to save money. Other concerns you have to look out for are the marina’s security. You have to ensure your local marina applies 24-hour security service to lower the chances of theft and damage to your boat. Wet boat slips keep your boat submerged in water and risk getting barnacles and other marine life growing on the underside of your vessel. If you don’t want to pay extra fees for removing them, consider getting a dry boat slip instead.

Boat slips offer a variety of uses and services to boat owners, and they have their fair share of pros and cons to keep in mind. Tellico Lake has plenty of boat slip rentals available in the area, such as the Tellico Marina, so check in there if you want to cruise through the waters with your boat.

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