How Water Quality in Tellico Lake Is Monitored and Maintained

by | May 23, 2023

Tellico Lake is an artificial lake in eastern Tennessee. It serves multiple purposes, such as generating hydroelectric power, managing floods, and providing recreational opportunities. But have you ever wondered who is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the water quality of Tellico Lake?

This article will cover the roles played by different organizations in monitoring and maintaining the water quality of Tellico Lake.

Monitoring and Maintenance of Water Quality in Tellico Lake

Who Monitors and Maintains Tellico Lake?

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) keeps Tellico Lake’s water quality in check, but it’s not the only organization involved. There’s also the Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir (WATeR). They pitch in by supporting projects and policies that safeguard and enhance the environment around the lake.

TVA’s Role in Monitoring and Maintaining Water Quality

The TVA is responsible for monitoring the water quality and aquatic life throughout the Tennessee River system.

The following are some of the ways TVA monitors and maintains water quality in Tellico Lake:

River System Monitoring

The TVA samples 528 stream sites on a five-year rotation and 69 sites on 31 reservoirs on a two-year rotation. This work helps them stay on top of changes and take the necessary steps to protect our water. The TVA also rates reservoirs regularly to ensure they’re safe for all activities.

Managing Water Supply

In addition, the TVA does a great job of managing the water supply to keep the quality high. They balance the needs of power production, navigation, industry, agriculture, and people.

Tailwater Improvements

The TVA has spent over $124 million since the early 90s on tailwater improvements. These upgrades help maintain water quality in areas that used to be problematic.

Protecting the Waterways

The TVA doesn’t work alone to maintain water quality—they partner with other organizations to do the job. They invested in protecting and enhancing the water in six priority watersheds.

WATeR’s Role in Monitoring and Maintaining Water Quality

WATeR is all about protecting and improving the environment in and around Tellico Reservoir. They perform the following activities to monitor and maintain water quality in Tellico Lake:

Reservoir Monitoring

WATeR samples Tellico Lake periodically for chemical and bacterial contaminants and phytoplankton effects on clarity. The association also monitors industrial outfalls for compliance with permits.

Watershed Studies

WATeR performs studies of streams and seeks grants to remediate problems identified in the watershed.

Collaboration with Governmental Agencies

WATeR works cooperatively with state, federal, and local government agencies. These agencies include the TVA, TWRA, TDEC, USDA, and TRDA.

Do you value Tellico Lake’s water quality and want it to remain safe for future generations?

If so, you’re not alone. The TVA and WATeR are already doing their part to monitor and maintain the lake’s water quality. However, individuals have a responsibility to protect and maintain this natural resource.

Practice responsible waste management and reduce your use of harmful chemicals. We should also work to conserve water.

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