Retiring to Tellico Lake: WindRiver vs. Rarity Bay

by | Jun 5, 2024 | 0 comments

So, you’re gearing up for retirement in East Tennessee and zeroed in on two stunning communities on Tellico Lake: WindRiver and Rarity Bay. Let’s take a look at both communities. 

WindRiver: The Luxurious Escape

WindRiver is all about upscale living with a touch of nature. Windriver is located on the northwestern shore of Tellico Lake; this community blends luxury with outdoor beauty.

  • Gated community
  • 24/7 security
  • Championship golf course
  • Private marina
  • Hiking trails
  • Fine dining options
  • Fitness facilities

WindRiver is perfect if you crave a high-end lifestyle with plenty of amenities.

Rarity Bay: The Active Lifestyle

Rarity Bay, located on the northern shores of Tellico Lake, offers a vibrant, active lifestyle. Rarity Bay is a very active community. 

  • Equestrian center
  • Golf course
  • Pickleball and tennis courts
  • Community Garden
  • Social clubs and events
  • Waterfront Dining
  • Dog park

Rarity Bay is a haven for those who enjoy staying active and social. There is always something happening in Rarity Bay. 

Comparing Amenities and Lifestyle

Both communities offer a range of amenities, but they cater to different lifestyles. Here’s a quick comparison:


  • Upscale amenities
  • Focus on luxury and privacy
  • Extensive fitness options
  • High-end dining
  • Pristine hiking trails

Rarity Bay

  • Social and active community
  • Variety of sports facilities
  • Equestrian center
  • Numerous social clubs
  • Casual dining options

WindRiver offers luxurious, private living, while Rarity Bay offers an active, social lifestyle. Your choice depends on the type of retirement you want for your lifestyle. 

Community and Atmosphere

The atmosphere in each community also varies. WindRiver provides a peaceful, upscale setting for those who crave tranquility and luxury. On the other hand, Rarity Bay buzzes with activity and is perfect for those who enjoy social interactions and community events.


  • Quiet, serene atmosphere
  • Exclusive, private feel
  • Close-knit community

Rarity Bay

  • An active, vibrant community
  • Welcoming and inclusive
  • Diverse social events

Location and Accessibility

Both communities boast beautiful locations on Tellico Lake, but there are differences in accessibility and nearby amenities.


  • Closer to Lenoir City
  • Easy access to Knoxville
  • Convenient for shopping and dining

Rarity Bay

  • Closer to Vonore
  • Scenic, rural setting
  • Access to nearby parks and natural areas

Your decision might also hinge on your preferred surroundings and how close you want to be to urban conveniences.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between WindRiver and Rarity Bay comes down to personal preference. If luxury, privacy, and upscale amenities are your top priorities, WindRiver might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you value an active, social lifestyle with plenty of community engagement, Rarity Bay could be the perfect fit. In the end, both communities offer stunning lakeside living and the perfect backdrop to enjoy your retirement. Visit both, feel the vibe, and envision your ideal retirement life on Tellico Lake.

For a personalized tour and expert guidance on both communities, contact Rick Smenner and the Tellico Lake Home Team.