Tellico Village Fire Department: Age, Speed, and Dedication

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Here at Tellico Lake Home Team, we love to inform those looking to move here of the incredible services available in our area. One such service that stands out is the Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department, an embodiment of the adage that age is just a number. Their dedication is a testament to TV’s spirit.

The Uniqueness of Tellico Village Fire Department

  • A growing community of mature residents
  • Response time averaged 4 minutes, surpassing the national average
  • Entirely comprised of volunteers over the age of 50
  • A median age of 68 for firefighters setting them apart from the norm

The Tellico Village Fire Department is a shining example of dedication and community service. Their rapid response time, significantly quicker than the national average, speaks volumes about their commitment.

The Strength Behind Their Success

  • An eclectic mix of past careers: military, law enforcement, business, engineering
  • Emphasis on physical fitness and health
  • Mutual support with neighboring fire departments
  • Undeterred spirit, matching up with firefighters decades younger

Their diverse background, coupled with an emphasis on health, has equipped them to handle the physically demanding nature of their job. This harmony of experience and physical prowess ensures they remain undeterred, even when working alongside younger counterparts.


Growth & Dedication

  • An estimated 1,400 calls attended by the end of 2023
  • A staggering 75 percent increase in calls in just five years

The rise in the number of calls showcases the growing trust and dependence of the community on the department. More than just statistics, it’s about the lives touched and the chaos alleviated during the community members’ most challenging times.

Tellico Lake Home Team

For anyone considering making Tellico Village their home, understanding the dedication of services like the Tellico Village Fire Department can offer peace of mind. As showcased by the department, this community is where every member contributes to making it a wonderful place to live. At Tellico Lake Home Team, we’re here to help you find your spot here. Because, as evidenced by the Tellico Village Fire Department, it’s not just about a place to live – it’s about a community that cares.