Discovering Wellness in Tellico Village: A Guide to the Facilities and Activities

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Tellico Village Wellness Center​

The Wellness Center in Tellico Village is a place to enjoy exercise and help you with your overall health. This is different from your typical gym. Here, each stretch and stride takes you closer to holistic harmony. Nestled in the serene backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains, our 27,000-square-foot facility isn’t just about muscle and sweat; it’s a sanctuary for your soul. 

A Community of Fitness

The Wellness Center is more than a space to exercise; it’s a vibrant community. The facility has something for everyone.

  • Tennis Courts
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Warm-Water Therapeutic Pool
  • Full-Service Locker Rooms
  • Saunas

This is where the energy never fades. The echoes of friendly pickleball matches, the serene laps of the Silver Tarpons Swim Team in our pools, and the refreshing heat of our saunas create a mosaic of vitality. Here, every member is part of a larger story, a journey shared and cherished.

A Spectrum of Wellness

Our belief in comprehensive wellness transcends physical boundaries. The Wellness Center embraces your entire being, offering a variety of classes and facilities that cater to every aspect of well-being.

  • Fitness Classrooms
  • Exercise Options
  • Dance Classes
  • Tai Chi Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Weights Facility
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Swim Team
  • Pickleball Club
  • Indoor Track

From the rhythmic grace of a dance class to the tranquil focus of tai chi, every corner of the Wellness Center is a testament to our commitment to your holistic health. It’s not just about sweating it out; it’s about discovering what makes your heart beat with joy and your spirit soar with peace.

The Tellico Village Wellness Center is not just a facility; it’s a promise to you, a pledge to be your partner in pursuing a balanced, healthy life. Our doors are always open, inviting you to be part of a community that cares, nurtures, and grows together.

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