Rarity Bay vs. Tellico Village: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Rarity Bay and Tellico Village, two prominent communities in Tennessee, offer distinctive lifestyles. Each has its unique appeal, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Let’s delve into what sets them apart and which might be the right choice for someone moving to Tennessee. They are two of the Prime 55 Plus Communities in East Tennessee. 

Rarity Bay: A Serene Waterfront Haven

Nestled on the Bat Creek Peninsula, Rarity Bay offers an idyllic setting for those seeking a waterfront lifestyle.

Key Highlights:

  • Premier master-planned community with stunning views of the Smoky Mountains.
  • Waterfront active living is ideal for water sports enthusiasts.
  • Elegant amenities include a clubhouse, golf course, and various recreational facilities.

Rarity Bay’s Distinct Features:

  • Luxurious waterfront homes with private docks.
  • 18-hole championship golf course for golfing enthusiasts.
  • Community garden and 2-acre dog park, promoting a healthy, community-centric lifestyle.

Rarity Bay: A Closer Look

Rarity Bay offers a blend of luxury and nature. Its French Country-style clubhouse and Rusty’s Place dog park are just a few examples of its commitment to quality and community. However, the mandatory social membership fees and the golf membership costs might be a consideration for potential residents.

Tellico Village: A Diverse and Active Community

Tellico Village, the first community on Tellico Lake, is known for its diversity and active lifestyle options.

Key Highlights:

  • It is an expansive community with around 7,000 residents from diverse backgrounds.
  • Access to three championship golf courses and five marinas.
  • It is close to Knoxville, offering urban conveniences while maintaining a community feel.

Tellico Village’s Unique Offerings:

  • 27,000-square-foot wellness center with extensive facilities.
  • A variety of dining options within the community.
  • Active social scene with over 100 different organizations for community engagement.

Tellico Village: An In-Depth Analysis

Tellico Village stands out for its comprehensive amenities and vibrant community life. Its “pay as you go” golf plan offers flexibility, and the proximity to Knoxville provides additional urban perks. However, its large size might not appeal to those seeking a more intimate community setting.

Conclusion: Choosing Your Ideal 55 Plus Community

Both Rarity Bay and Tellico Village offer unique lifestyles. Rarity Bay’s focus on waterfront luxury and serenity might appeal to those seeking tranquility and upscale living. In contrast, Tellico Village’s diverse amenities and active social life cater to those seeking a vibrant, community-driven experience.

Final Thoughts:

  • Rarity Bay is ideal for those who prioritize waterfront living and luxury amenities.
  • Tellico Village suits those looking for a dynamic, social environment with diverse activities.
  • Consider personal lifestyle preferences and community engagement desires when choosing.

Ultimately, the choice between Rarity Bay and Tellico Village depends on individual lifestyle preferences and priorities. Both communities offer exceptional living experiences in their own right.

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